Traci Miller, owner of Terramania, said the name of her shop means “crazy about things from the earth.”

Miller said Terramania offers home decor with Scandinavian influences. Miller said she finds her merchandise—candles, pillows, rugs and more—from several North Texas markets. However, she also works with several vendors that bring items from overseas to sell in her store.

“I wanted people to feel like they were walking into my home,” Miller said. “So all the earthy tones, the layering, the textures—it just gives you that cozy, warm feeling.”

The backstory

Miller said she refined her sense of style after working for Marcie Henehan, her mentor and friend.

“She just had that touch; you fell in love with her style,” she said. “She always taught me to go big. A lot of people, when they decorate, they like to use little bitty things that don’t cost as much.”

Miller suggests patrons buy one big item that makes “more of a statement,” a philosophy she brings into Terramania.

When Miller decided to open a business, she first started doing home shows and pop ups at Adriatica and Celina’s Friday Night Market, where she fell in love with Celina. She eventually left Highland Homes on June 30, 2021.

“That date of June 30, 2022, that was my soft opening, one year [after] to the date that I quit my job,” she said.

In addition

Miller hosts a walk-in workshop every Saturday and a monthly seasonal workshop, where Miller showcases how to make decorations. The Saturday workshops are around $20, and the seasonal workshops are $100. Miller announces the workshops online through her Instagram and Facebook pages as well as through the shop’s email list. Both the Saturday and seasonal workshops are BYOB.

Miller actually started her business in her kitchen with Terramania’s botanical bar, which is now the centerpiece of the store.

“There’s a 12-foot botanical table that my husband built,” she said. “We have vases, but it’s also BYOV—bring your own vase—and we do the arrangements. And we love doing them.”