The city of Plano is planning to make street and sidewalk repairs totaling $3.2 million along Hedgcoxe Road.

City Council approved the funding for the project at its June 27 meeting. Construction will involve the repair of 45,000 square feet of street pavement and 72,000 square feet of sidewalk. In addition, 155 rampways along the sidewalk will be repaired to maintain compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, city documents stated. The project will take place along Hedgcoxe Road between Legacy Drive and Custer Road.

City planning documents stated the project is needed to avoid increased maintenance and replacement costs in the future. City planners also stated that without the repairs, the walkways could be in violation of the ADA and could leave some facilities in an unsafe condition.

The project is being funded by the Street Improvement Community Investment Program fund. The program is meant to fund city infrastructure improvement projects.

A map of the project’s location can be seen below. An exact timeline on the project has not been announced. More information about city infrastructure projects can be found here.