Alair Homes Plano partners Chad and Diane Hatfield said they have been doing a lot of remodeling and renovation projects in addition to building custom homes over the last two years.

“We create our client’s dreams while improving the lives of those who create it,” Chad said.

Since projects are customized to the client, Chad said each one is “a unicorn.” Diane noted every client has different needs.

“Some of them want to stay in their houses forever,” she said. “Some have a ’70s house or an ’80s house and they’re just done with it.”

When Alair Homes approached Chad and Diane in 2019 about joining the premium construction management company, they were unsure about stepping away from their legacy company, Hatfield Builders & Remodelers.

“When you own a small business, you get to a point where you get tired of doing [everything] yourself,” Chad said.

However, it was meeting the founders and existing partners at Alair Homes that sealed the deal for the Hatfields.

“The people that they have invited to join this organization are super smart, innovative [and] always coming up with better ways of doing things,” Diane said.

While Alair Homes shares best practices and assistance among all its branches, the Hatfields said they still have enough autonomy to be able to choose what they do. The Hatfields said they generally concentrate on complex projects that are going to cost more than $150,000, though they always offer referrals to clients with simpler jobs.

When the complexity is there, the Hatfields said the Alair Homes team is up for the challenge. Diane said they recently completed a home for a professional chef, who needed a test kitchen among other amenities.

“That’s not something we build every single day,” she said. “But we will figure out how to do that and make it right.”

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