Plano residents may soon see the region’s first all-electric trash collection truck on their road.

The city unveiled the truck during a press conference April 25.

What you need to know

With the introduction of the truck, Plano becomes the first city in North Texas to implement an all-electric trash collection truck, according to a city news release.

The new truck will not only benefit the environment but also the city’s bottom line by decreasing fuel costs, Plano Fleet Manager Michael Ellis said.

Ellis added that the truck can serve 1,100 homes on a single charge.

“There are huge benefits for the city moving in this direction,” Ellis said. “We’re used to seeing black smoke roll out of these trucks, and today, we’re not.”

Looking ahead

The new trash truck is the latest addition to Plano's “clean fleet,” a collection of 22 electric and hybrid vehicles the city utilizes across multiple departments.

Ellis said the city is hoping to introduce a second all-electric trash collection truck within the next year. He added that the current charging system can support up to five of the trucks, but any additions beyond the first two may rely on grant funding.