The city of Plano is requesting that residents conserve water over the next 45 days.

North Texas is facing an extremely hot and dry summer with little rain which increases drought conditions, according to the city.

The city is asking residents to reduce their watering by two minutes at each sprinkler until September 15, according to a press release.

“Two minutes may not seem like a lot, but it will have a big impact on our system. It should drop the total demand on our water system between 5-10%. This will help our city’s system be where it needs to be during this challenging time,” city officials said in a release.

In addition, residents are asked to water only on their designated days, which can be found here.

To help balance the watering demand during the week, the Plano parks department and Plano ISD are also shifting their watering days and times, according to the release.

Plano Mayor John Muns issued a message for residents urging them to conserve water via YouTube, which can be found here.