Early voting for the Nov. 2 election is underway in Plano, where just under 2,000 people cast ballots at polling locations between Oct. 18-24, according to data from the Collin County Elections Office.

In Collin County, 8,120 residents cast ballots in person, and 1,914 mail-in ballots were received, the county’s Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet said. That translates to a voter turnout of roughly 1.5% of the 657,347 registered voters in Collin County, Sherbet said.

There are seven polling locations open to Collin County voters in Plano. Plano voters who reside in Denton County can vote early at one of the 27 polling locations in the county; however, none are located in Plano.

Collin County voters can cast ballots at any countywide polling location during early voting and on Election Day. Residents of Denton County must vote in their assigned precinct on Election Day.

The busiest day in Plano so far was Oct. 22, when 379 people showed up to vote at citywide polling locations, according to data from the Collin County elections office.

The location with the most voters was Carpenter Park Recreation Center, which logged 507 votes cast between Oct. 18-24. The location with the fewest voters was Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, which logged just over 100 ballots during that same timeframe.

Plano residents have the opportunity to vote on eight statewide propositions this year. A full list of the propositions can be found here. There are no local elections for Plano residents this election cycle.

After the first seven days of early voting, Denton County logged 6,324 in-person ballots and 1,089 mail-in ballots, according to data from the elections administration office. That is a voter turnout of nearly 1.3% of the 571,755 total registered voters in Denton County.

For Plano polling locations, visit the Collin County elections page here. Denton County polling locations can be found here.

Early voting will continue until Oct. 29.

Valerie Wigglesworth contributed to this story.