Plano Sports Authority announced Dec. 13 that it will begin constructing a new indoor soccer arena in January.

The arena will be built to the north of the existing building at Enfield Park, across from John Clark Stadium, and will meet the soccer arena needs of the Plano area, the release said.

The $5.5 million project will begin with the replacement of 93 parking spots, expected to finish in March. Construction will then begin on the new soccer arena and is expected to be completed by late summer.

The arena will have two nets to create three 60-foot- by 90-foot-sized fields.

A 30-foot-wide concourse will replace part of the existing arena. This space will be for parents and players to have a space for gathering before and after games, the release said. The addition will also have a meeting room for summer campers.

After the arena is completed, the interior of the existing building will undergo a complete remodel, adding two additional 84-foot-long multi-use courts, styled to match the style of current Plano Sports Authority McKinney and Murphy entrances.

Additional features may be added in the planning process, the release said.