All but two ZIP code areas in Plano saw median home prices increase year over year in February, according to the latest data from Collin County Area Realtors.

The details

The 75093 and 75025 ZIP code areas saw decreases in median home price compared to February 2023. The 75024 ZIP code area saw median home price increase by nearly 26%.

Fewer homes were sold in February compared to last year. More than 150 homes were sold during February 2024 compared to the 182 homes sold during the same month in 2023.

What else?

More than 250 homes were listed on the market during February. Every ZIP code area saw a year-over-year increase in new listings compared to February 2023.

Homes sold in four ZIP code areas sold faster compared to last year. The 75093 and 75024 ZIP code areas saw an increase in average days a home spent on the market during February 2024 compared to last year.