Cathi Coridan has been helping seniors and families through every step of a transition into senior living for many years, and she brought her expertise to North Texas when moving to the area in 2021.

Coridan launched the Network of Realtors Serving Seniors in NTX in March, with the goal of bringing like-minded Realtors together to provide resources, referrals for contractors and strategies to best serve Dallas-Fort Worth's seniors.

Community Impact spoke with Coridan about how the organization works and how area seniors can benefit from the network.

What is the Network of Realtors Serving Seniors in NTX?

It's a network of agents who are committed to serving seniors at a higher level, who share the commitment to working with excellence and empathy. It provides the time and the resources for seniors to make what can be a challenging life transition as easy and successful as possible.

What services does the network provide for the Realtors?

I don't want to sell houses in south Fort Worth when I live in Lewisville, and seniors require a lot of extra time. So the network now provides agents that I can work on a referral basis with that I know will take really good care of that client and I can stay involved.

For some of us, it is primarily what we do, but for some it's maybe 25-30% of their business. When they do it, they really want to have the skills, the tools, the mindset, to deliver for the senior, so it provides resources with the other agents that have more experience.

We also provide educational sessions three times a year, with attorneys, financial planners and other partners teaching us what we need to know to best serve seniors in the area.

How does the network benefit seniors making a move?

This is really about the seniors; it's not about the Realtors. If there’s a senior that wants to sell in south Fort Worth and buy in Frisco because that's where the kids are, I can connect with a trusted Realtor that can list that house down there, and I can find them a house in Frisco. We work together as a team, to get the senior move coordinated and facilitated in a way that would be hard to do without that kind of relationship. Or maybe somebody from Arlington wants to list a house up here; they call me to ask who my go-to cleaning crew or painter out there is. I can give them those resources immediately, because we’ve already vetted them.

What areas does the network cover?

We go from south Fort Worth to Rockwall and from south Dallas to Sanger and beyond. The 25 agents in this network cover every single piece in the Metroplex.

Where can more information on the network be found?

The group can be contacted at our email address, [email protected], or at my phone number, which is 469-799-4044. We’re really focused on making sure seniors' needs are met, and a network—we’re better together.