Plano City Council could soon consider changes to the city’s Great Update Rebate program, which was last updated in 2017.

Plano staff are refining the program—which provides qualified Plano homeowners city funds for eligible home improvement projects—and updating its mission as part of the changes, Director of Neighborhood Services Curtis Howard said.

Two-minute impact

Howard said the most recent updates will focus on providing grants for exterior improvement projects, such as windows, doors and roofing repairs. Interior renovations focused on improving accessibility, such as wider corridors for wheelchair access, would also be eligible under the proposed changes.

“We’re looking at trying to provide incentives to homeowners to repair and make sure that house looks good, especially the exterior,” Howard said. “That’s an important factor here as our housing stock continues to age.”

Under the new guidelines proposed, the maximum rebate available to homeowners would be $5,000 with a $20,000 minimum project cost. Eligible homes must be owner occupied, at least 30 years old and worth no more than $478,975.

Some context

Howard previously presented changes to the program during a preliminary open meeting May 13.

The program was initially created in 2014, Howard said, with the most recent update taking place about seven years ago. Since its inception, homeowners have invested $36.2 million, and the city has rebated $6.1 million.

What’s next?

Howard said he hopes to present changes to the program to council in July.