Plano ISD students in grades 9-11 who took the PSAT exam in 2022 outperformed students across the state and the nation, according to figures from the district.

The results are from the fall 2022 exam, the most recent figures that are available.

The PSAT exam is considered a practice version of the SAT exam and allows students to become eligible for a National Merit Scholarship, based on their scores. The SAT is a college entrance exam for colleges and universities.

Among ninth graders, a total of 3,557 students were tested, and the mean total score was 933, compared to 833 for the state and 850 nationally.

The mean scores represent the combined scores of the evidence-based reading and writing and mathematics portions of the exam.

“Across the board we outperformed the state and the total group,” said Kristyn Edney, the district’s college and career readiness adviser.

Fifty-two percent of students met both benchmarks, compared to 32% in the state and 34% nationally.

Twenty-nine percent of Plano ninth graders did not meet any benchmark.

“So that was our area of where we need to work,” she said.

In 10th grade, 3,412 students were tested in the district.

The total mean score among tenth graders was 975, compared to 873 in the state and 909 nationally.

In 11th grade, 1,914 Plano ISD students were tested, and the mean score was 1139, compared to 935 in the state and 989 nationally.

One of several areas of improvement identified by the district is using demographic data to address gaps in student performance. The district also wants to have earlier identification for students for Honors programs.

Additional analysis of data related to demographic groups and other areas will be taking place in June. Math and English teachers will also utilize the information for lesson planning, Edney said,

Board President David Stolle asked if trustees have access to information related to personalized exam study plans for students.

That data is primarily part of a student’s personal account and is intended for telling them what they need to work on, Edney said. However, the district informs students about online tutorials that are available and works with teachers to help ensure that the skills tested on exams are being taught in the classroom.

The entire presentation and discussion, which took place during an April 4 school board meeting, is available online.