Two new workstations at Plano’s Haggard Library allow caregivers to use library computers and have their child in a safe place for side-by-side activities.

The produce-themed workstations were recently installed through a donation from H-E-B, the library stated in an announcement.

Included in the stations are engaging learning panels that allow small children to play in a secure and contained space as caregivers utilize a library computer for work, research, learning and more.

“Families started using them right away,” librarian Andrea Cabrera said in a statement. “Supporting the joy of learning for all ages is what the library is all about.”

Included are visuals and activities designed for babies and toddlers to explore and remain entertained, the library stated.

Also included is a large mirror, activities for motor skills development and a peek-a-boo wall.

The workstations are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Libraries are essential to communities and these innovative workstations will allow parents and caregivers the opportunity to grow their skills while keeping children entertained and close by,” said Mabrie Jackson, senior director of public affairs for H-E-B, said in a statement. “This dual-desk solution helps caregivers readily use the fantastic resources the Plano Public Library provides to support families for learning and growth.”

Haggard Library is located at 2501 Coit Road.