Plano ISD will begin unifying mascots and colors across grades 9-12 starting in the fall.

“Starting this fall, all 9-10 campuses are going to be vertically aligned with their senior-high counterparts,” Superintendent Theresa Williams said in a video presentation. "That means that we’re unifying our mascots, our colors and celebrating together as wildcats, panthers and wolves.”

The change is partly intended to increase student engagement, student participation and create a greater sense of school pride and belonging, Williams said.

Plano ISD’s configuration, as compared to a comprehensive 9-12 high school model, can also cause scheduling challenges with other districts when competing, the district stated in an announcement. Additionally, it can cause challenges in recruiting coaching staff.

The new alignment will be as follows:

Wildcats (maroon and white)
  • Plano Senior High School (11-12)
  • Clark High School (9-10)
  • Vines High School (9-10)
Panthers (black and gold)
  • Plano East Senior High School (11-12)
  • McMillen High School (9-10)
  • Williams High School (9-10)
Wolves (blue, white and black)
  • Plano West Senior High School (11-12)
  • Jasper High School (9-10)
  • Shepton High School (9-10)
Uniforms will be aligned starting in the 2023-24 school year, and facility changes will be made in phases.

Changes to facilities are expected to include repainting the gym floors, updating signs and redesigning high schools so they match senior highs.

Funding will be provided through existing annual budgets and projects approved under the November 2022 bond election.

Overall, the alignment changes are expected to be completed over the next three years.

In January, a survey indicated support from current and former parents and students, staff members and community members.

Additional information about the alignment is available online.