Here are five restaurants that recently launched in Plano. Visit for more local news.

Mighty Chick Pocha reopened with a new concept on Dec. 5

The Korean-style restaurant, located at 8900 Ohio Drive, Ste. A, sought to incorporate more modern Korean dishes into its chicken-based menu.

“We wanted to bring Korean dishes on top of our chickens and decided to modify our menus and bring a more Korean-driven vibe here,” owner Jenny Ko said in an email. “So we wanted to call it Mighty Chick Pocha. ‘Pocha’ means the place to provide late-night foods and drinks in Korea.”

The updated Mighty Chick Pocha serves Korean comfort food and drinks, including pork dishes, fried chicken, a large beer menu and more.

Smoothie and energy drink bar Fit Kingdom Nutrition opened in Plano on Dec. 3

Fit Kingdom offers a variety of healthy protein shakes and “Lit Teas” with special flavors, such as cucumber splash, Miami Vice and Captain America. The store is located at 2200 Los Rios Blvd., Ste. 120. 469-573-4061.

Mangia Bistro opened in Plano on Dec. 1

The American-Italian bistro, located at 508 14th St., Plano, is a spinoff of Aboca's Italian Grill in Richardson and offers a variety of fresh dishes, including fresh-baked bread, pizzas, seafood, steaks and other items.

Jake’s Gameday opened in Plano on Nov. 16

The restaurant is located at 3303 W. Parker Road, Ste. 109. Jake’s Gameday is a neighborhood sports bar that offers burgers, pizza, chicken wings, salads and more. The sports bar is a new concept from Jake’s Burgers and Beer, which has eight locations in the Dallas area.

Edmond's Burgers opened in Plano on Oct. 31

The family-owned restaurant serves burgers as well as a variety of wraps, sandwiches, wings, salads and more.