Developers for the Collin Creek Mall project in Plano submitted a preliminary plan for eastern portions of the site that will include multifamily housing and open space to the planning and zoning commission.

The Plano Planning and Zoning Commission approved the preliminary site plan for the development of multifamily housing, a common area, and a park and playground space during its Jan. 2 meeting.

What you need to know

A preliminary site plan shows proposed improvements and development within a subject property. For the case involving the multifamily and other improvements, development is set to occur on five lots spanning 10 acres at the northeast corner of Heights Way and Ash Road.

According to city documents, the developer is proposing the construction of 821 apartments within three five-story buildings. The buildings sit atop an underground parking structure that has already been constructed as part of the Collin Creek Mall redevelopment.

The context

Plano City Council approved a set of updates to the zoning for Collin Creek Mall to accommodate a set of design challenges that could have delayed development in December. In its initial phases of redevelopment, construction on the single-family neighborhoods is expected to continue while the multifamily housing is built.

What’s next?

Based on a timeline shared previously by Centurion American Vice President Rob Romo, the concrete podium for the two apartment buildings above the main parking garage with over 1,900 spaces is expected to be poured in the first quarter of 2024.