Plano residents will have more opportunities to play pickleball starting June 19, according to a news release from the city of Plano.

The overview

Plano City Council approved a change to the city’s lease agreement that will bring new courts to Carpenter Park at 6500 Preston Meadow Drive.

The additional courts are being provided as part of a new partnership with the Plano Parks and Recreation Department and Plano Sports Authority.

How we got here

New pickleball courts are opening thanks to high demand from residents and “the explosion of pickleball popularity,” according to the release.

The parks and recreation department addressed that need during an April 13 town hall. Restriping middle school courts for pickleball and looking at opening another senior center are among the city’s other initiatives to meet the demand for more courts, Plano Recreation Services Manager Susie Hergenrader said during that town hall.

The sport combines aspects of tennis, badminton and table tennis, and is played by two to four players across a net.

Plano Recreation Center members will get free access to the courts during specific hours.

Learn more

Updates on the new pickleball courts can be found on the Plano Sports Authority’s website.