Breakout Games, located at 2301 Central Expressway, Ste. 285, Plano, recently introduced two new escape rooms, one of which is based on a classic Hasbro board game.

The first new game is called Wild West, general manager Jeff Gershenfeld said, and has players attempting to find a stash of gold hidden within the room.

The game is somewhat unique as it starts players in two different rooms, though they will be able to see and speak with each other through a set of saloon-style swinging doors. In addition, some players are handcuffed at the beginning of the game.

The other escape room is based on the board game Clue, but it differs slightly from its inspiration as players attempt to prevent the murder of Mr. Boddy rather than solve it.

“You will need to figure out who planned the murder, in what room and with what weapon in order to succeed,” Gershenfeld said. “We’ve built a real-life version of the mansion, and we invite people to come in and try their hand at solving the mystery.”

The reception to both games has been positive, Gershenfeld said, adding players have been asking about the new games for several months.