Hirsch’s Meats marked its 30th anniversary on Dec. 21, according to owner Gary Hirsch.

“It goes by fast,” Hirsch said. “It’s not anything I ever got tired of doing. I’ve always liked the uniqueness of what we did.”

The family-owned meat market, located at 1301 W. Parker Road, Ste. 100, first opened its doors in 1992 and offers fresh meat daily, as well as game processing services.

“There’s three components of being a successful business," Hirsch said. "Those components are price, quality and service.”

Along with those key components, Hirsch attributes his customers for allowing the business to sustain for 30 years.

"You can't thank them enough," Hirsch said. "You're gonna stay in business by the same people you see week after week. Those are the ones that make you successful. Those are the ones that bring you other customers. We have customers that have shopped here for 30 years and now we have their grandchildren that have been shopping with us, if you can believe that."

Hirsch’s Meats also offers seafood, deli products, smoking woods and more. 972-633-5593.