Heritage Farmstead Museum seeks funds for house restoration

At their April 13 regular meeting, City Council members gave the Heritage Farmstead Museum and supporters until May 11 to devise a plan for preserving the Collinwood House without the need for city funds. The 1860s-era home could become the newest addition to Plano's list of historic homes if the group can find additional funds.

Aside from its request for a city match, council members raised other issues of concern about the proposed preservation project, including how the project could interrupt the parks master plan. Council members also wondered how the house could survive in the public area. If the city receives no other proposals, the structure could be deconstructed.

"When we had the site visit in December we realized [this house] was a rare historic asset and an amazing opportunity for the city of Plano to preserve a piece of its history," said M'Lou Hyttinen, executive director of the Heritage Farmstead Museum. "We've been doing this for 40 years, so we feel like we're a great partner for this."