City imposes size standards in historic areas

After two public hearings and considerable discussion, the Grapevine City Council passed a newly amended ordinance that sets specific size standards for homes in historic districts.

Mayor Pro Tem Shane Wilbanks said at the council's June 4 meeting that the city had to retain the historic flavor and also accommodate people who wanted to remodel homes in those areas.

"We either protect it or let it go altogether," he said.

At least one large, modern home has gone into a historic area, prompting fears that the district could start to resemble subdivisions elsewhere in the city.

The city has two historic districts, several historic landmarks in residential districts and the historic Grapevine Township, almost all in the downtown area. Owners who want to make changes must apply for certificates of appropriateness.

The amendments at first failed to pass at the June 4 meeting because council members wanted to eliminate a section that restricted size and height depending on the sizes of homes within a 100-foot radius.

That section was removed after discussion and the amended ordinance passed unanimously.

Among the requirements:

  • No single family residence can be less than 1,200 square feet
  • The floor area of all structures on any lot cannot exceed 3,400 square feet.