Attorney general speaks at NE Tarrant Tea Party event in Grapevine


Northeast Tarrant Tea Party supporters rallied with cheers and applause Monday night at the Palace Theater in Grapevine as Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott described his many lawsuits against the federal government.

The event also was a chance for the audience to meet several Tea Party-endorsed candidates running for city councils and school boards in the May 11 election.

Abbott covered gun control, Obamacare, environmental regulation, voter fraud, the CScope curriculum and more during the 30-minute talk, touching on his court challenges in most areas.

“I go to the office,” he said. “I sue Barack Obama. And I go home.” Abbott said he has filed 26 lawsuits against the federal government objecting to various policies.

The attorney general also admonished Tea Party supporters to learn to use Twitter.

“Barack Obama got way ahead of us with the use of technology,” he said. “You must all know what Twitter is and use it aggressively.”

Two candidates for the Carroll ISD school board were among those endorsed by the NE Tarrant Tea Party.

Candidate Sam Torolopoulos said he has been a CPA and/or involved in corporate accounting for 27 years, experience he said he plans to use to “continue quality education while balancing the budget and not raising taxes.”

CISD candidate James Palazzo was endorsed but not present. Instead, a man who introduced himself as a “good personal friend” of the candidate spoke, saying Palazzo also will balance the budget without a tax increase.

Other candidates included three running for the Euless City Council; one for the HEB school district; one for the Watauga City Council; and one for Bedford City Council.

Supporters filled about one-third to one-half of the Palace Theater, which seats 435.

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