Fourteen acres of the Bear Creek Dog Park in Grapevine was filled with dogs and puppies racing through grass, jumping over obstacles and making new friends. Their humans might have been doing some of that, too.

The Grapevine Parks and Recreation Department debuted the city’s new Bark Park Nov. 2 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The park was filled as Grapevine and nearby residents came by to see the new park and take advantage of the bluebird day.

“This is just another quality of life project that we’re celebrating here today,” Grapevine City Council Member Paul Slechta said during the opening ceremony.

Mayor Pro Tem Darlene Freed said the city interviewed its residents in 2014 to find out if they were interested in a dog park. According to the results, 80% of city residents who took the survey said they wanted a new dog park.

“There was a lot of work that was put into this program in order to have this dog park today,” Freed said during the opening ceremony. “We're so blessed to have it. We're so blessed to have this day. We're happy to have a great turnout this day and this park is for you.”

She said the city hopes to have a dog park on the north end of the city someday, as well.

Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Mitchell said work is still being completed at the park, so city crews will continue to add finishing touches. The all-weather paddock will be open Nov. 2, and then will close as crews finish work there.

The two other paddocks, for dogs larger than 25 pounds and dogs smaller than 25 pounds, respectively, will be open any time the park is open.

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