1. White Avenue and North Tennessee Street improvements

Ongoing water and wastewater main improvements along White Avenue from

A Waddill Street to North Tennessee Street, and B North Tennessee Street from Lamar Street to US 380 are expected to be completed by the end of August. Major pavement repairs on both streets will follow immediately after, McKinney Capital Improvements Manager Nick Ataie said. Through the remainder of construction, pavement repairs on both streets will require intermittent lane closures and may include temporary detours. Weather permitting, officials estimate construction along North Tennessee Street will be complete this summer, and work along White Avenue will be completed by early fall.

Timeline: December 2020-fall 2021

Cost: $5 million

Funding source: city of McKinney

2. Arterial intersection improvements

The city is adding additional turn-lanes at four major intersections throughout McKinney. These include A) Hardin Boulevard and White Avenue, which crews have completed; B) McKinney Ranch Parkway and Lake Forest Drive, which crews have completed; C) Alma Road and Eldorado Parkway, with construction underway through the end of August; and D) Virginia Parkway and Stonebridge Drive, with construction to begin in September and continue through the end of November. During construction of the remaining work, intermittent lane closures will be required for work to be completed. These improvements, once completed, will allow additional vehicles to flow through these major intersections during peak traffic hours, reducing travel delays.

Timeline: December 2020-November 2021

Cost: $2 million

Funding source: city of McKinney

3. Traffic signal construction

Six new traffic signal projects will be completed over the next year. Construction began in early May for the signal at A) Auburn Hills Parkway and US 380. The light was operational in early July. Construction is expected to begin this fall for the signal at B) Lake Forest Drive and Bloomdale Road with a turn-on date in December. Construction will begin this fall for the light at the C) C&D Landfill at US 380 with completion in early 2022. Other signals at D) Alma Road and Henneman Way, E) Ridge Road and Berkshire Road, and F) McKinney Ranch Parkway and Silverado Trail will begin construction next spring with a tentative completion date of next summer.

Timeline: July 2021-summer 2022

Cost: TBA

Funding source: city of McKinney