McKinney has a busy year ahead as it starts several major road projects, including several that are funded by voter-approved bonds. The following list of projects is not comprehensive, and the timelines are subject to change.


1. Bloomdale Road expansion

Bloomdale Road will be extended from Community Avenue to County Road 164 as a four-lane divided roadway. A bridge crossing the small lake located west of Community will also be constructed. Once complete, Bloomdale will offer a direct connectivity to US 75.

Timeline: February 2020-summer 2021


2. Virginia Parkway capacity improvements

Virginia Parkway will be widened to a six-lane divided roadway between Custer Road and Virginia Parklands Boulevard. Construction will also include turn lane improvements at the intersection of Virginia and Custer. Once complete, Virginia will be a six-lane arterial roadway between Custer and US 75.

Timeline: summer-early 2021


3. Ridge Road extension

Ridge Road, which currently ends at US 380, will be extended north to Wilmeth Road as a four-lane divided roadway. The new segment will include a bridge crossing Wilson Creek and a multilane roundabout at the intersection of Ridge and Wilmeth.

Timeline: May 2020-summer 2021

4. Louisiana Street infrastructure improvements

Louisiana Street in downtown McKinney will undergo various improvements between Church and Kentucky streets as well as Tennessee Street and SH 5. Construction will consist of updating city utilities, drainage, pedestrian walkways, street paving, landscaping and lighting to improve walkability in downtown McKinney.

Timeline: May 2020-fall 2021


5. Wilmeth Road capacity improvements

Wilmeth Road will be widened from a two-lane to a four-lane divided roadway between Redbud Boulevard and SH 5. Construction will also include the installation of median street lighting from US 75 to SH 5.

Timeline: June 2020-spring 2021


6. Collin McKinney Parkway improvements

Between Lake Forest Drive and Hardin Boulevard, Collin McKinney Parkway will be widened from a two-lane to a four-lane divided arterial roadway. A traffic signal will also be installed at the intersection of Lake Forest and Hardin.

Timeline: fall 2020-fall 2021


7. Stacy Road capacity improvements

Two additional travel lanes will be constructed along Stacy Road between Custer and Ridge roads. Once complete, Stacy will be a widened from a four-lane to a six-lane divided roadway. A new traffic signal will also be installed at the intersection of McKinney Ranch Parkway and Stacy.

Timeline: September 2020-fall 2021