Q&A: Learn more about Ray Ricchi, candidate for Collin County Judge

Ray Ricchi is running for Collin County Judge.

Ray Ricchi is running for Collin County Judge.

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Ray Ricchi
Republican candidate Ray Ricchi is running for Collin County judge.

He will run against Chris Hill and Scott Johnson in the March Republican primary election.

Community Impact Newspaper sent Ricchi a series of questions on his candidacy. His written responses, edited for publication style, are below.

Q: What is your current occupation?

A: Full-time community service and family, chairman [for] Meals on Wheels Colin County, Chairman [for] Boy Scouts of American Lone Star District

Q: Why are you running for Collin County judge?

A: To fulfill the duties the citizens of Collin County demand, protect their tax dollars, protect their families and property, [and] provide world class customer service

Q: Why are you qualified for this position?

A: 35 years national business experience, seven years [as a] city council member, 25 years service leadership, heart to help all people [and] selfless for the greater good

Q: What issues do you feel the county and state will face over the next five years?

A: Too much politics, exponential growth, inadequate infrastructure, positive relationships with the cities of Collin County

Q: If elected, how will you address those issues?

A: Accessible, accountable, understand the needs and wants of our citizens, selfless, not self-serving, earn the salary and benefits

Q: What are your thoughts on county transportation?

A: Our roads and highways are years behind our needs. [There is] too much talk, not much action.