The Adriatica Master Association, the property owner’s association for Adriatica Village, plans to add an amphitheater and enhance other park facilities with help from a grant from the McKinney Community Development Corp.

The amphitheater seating will be located in the “sloped bowl area facing the stage and lake,” according to a presentation given at the McKinney CDC meeting Aug. 25. The project will also include an observation deck to the south of the seating area and a new sidewalk to connect the opposing sides of the amphitheater.

A grant of just over $98,000 was approved by the MCDC to complete the additions, accounting for 100% of the project’s cost. The MCDC is funded by a half-cent sales tax that typically generates millions of dollars annually that are reinvested to enhance the city.

The presentation also noted that vendors to carry out the construction work are on standby and will complete the project within 180 days of the grant approval. This puts the estimated completion at the end of February 2023.

McKinney Mayor George Fuller said the city parks department will be involved in helping to activate the space and curate events for the new amphitheater, such as outdoor movie nights. Fuller also clarified that his role in the project is as an independent, free consultant.

“What this will do is allow the construction of a lot of amenities ... and just create a safer and more usable environment,” Fuller said.

Adriatica Village in west McKinney is a popular spot for locals and visitors, according to Fuller. The presentation also said Adriatica Village is the “most photographed location in McKinney.”

“Adriatica is one of the most visited places in our city, and it is one of the largest people-gathering places, whether it'd be proms ... weddings, high school photo ops [or] graduations. We have hundreds and hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of people gathered in Adriatica over any given weekend,” Fuller said.