Money leftover from completed projects in Collin County will help preserve aging facilities at Myers Park & Event Center in McKinney.

County commissioners on May 17 approved a total of $750,000 to fund partial reconstructions and restorations. The aid, which comes from the county's "open space bonds," is a culmination of unused funds from county projects in 2007 that are now completed, according to county documents.

“Some of the buildings have serious foundation or structure failures,” a memo to commissioners from Clarence Daugherty, Collin County Director of Engineering, reads. “Failures have reached a critical state.”

The park is located north of FM 1461 and south of County Road 168. Work at Myers Park will include foundation investigations and partial reconstructions at the show barn and stall barn. The park’s amphitheater will also see a facelift to address a separating staircase and restroom foundation issues.

Historical structures at Myers Park—the confinement building and granary—are set to see restorations as part of the effort. In addition, two sections of road at the park will be converted to concrete.

Judy Moody, Myers Park manager, said the projects will help preserve the aesthetics and safety of the complex.

“We are in need of some buildings gaining some new lease on life,” Moody said. “And those were the major projects we put up that are definitely in dire need.”

The park sits on more than 158 acres and has seven different facilities. Moody said Myers Park hosts about 35 to 40 events each month.

Some structures in Myers Park date back to the late 60s, Moody said. The center was originally created as the Collin County Youth Park in 1969, according to the county website, and acreage was donated by John and Winnie Myers.

“They’re old facilities, and so it's just time that they need some attention,” Moody said. “We’re thrilled to be able to see these facilities get new life to keep on what we’re doing.”