In an effort to expand the available locations to hold events in McKinney, an ordinance was passed allowing the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on city parks and recreation land.

This ordinance was approved during a McKinney City Council meeting May 7.

“We already allow alcohol consumption on some city properties,” McKinney Parks and Recreation Director Michael Kowski said. “So in no way are we reinventing the wheel, we are just expanding the options out there.”

City properties that already allow for alcohol consumption include The Square, Oak Hollow Golf Course and The McKinney Preforming Arts Center amongst others, according to Kowski.

The ordinance states that only beer and wine will be allowed, not liquor. This does not allow for casual, open consumption of alcohol in McKinney parks or facilities outside of an approved event, according to the ordinance. In addition, city employees will not be allowed to serve or sell alcohol.

Alcohol sales and consumption will only be allowed during organized events at specific parks and recreation centers, including The Community Center, Senior Recreation Center, Old Settler’s Recreation Center, Apex Centre, Courts of McKinney Tennis Center, Parks Administration Offices, Towne Lake Recreation Area, Gabe Nesbitt Community Park, Bonnie Wenk Park and the McKinney Soccer Complex at Craig Ranch amongst others.

Each area will have different sets of rules and regulations for events regarding the number of attendees, required security, barriers and fees.

Security will be considered on a case-by-case basis and paid for by the event organizer, as well as barriers for preventing people from leaving the area with alcoholic beverages, Kowski said.

In addition, all events must follow Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission guidelines.