What is the role of the McKinney mayor?

Cassidy RitterIn terms of how much power the mayor has over city affairs, it’s not as much as you may think.

According to the city charter, the mayor leads McKinney City Council meetings, is recognized as the head of city government for ceremonial purposes and is recognized by the Texas governor as the head of the city for purposes of military law. But the mayor does not have any other administrative purposes.

The mayor may participate in discussions of matters brought before City Council and has the same voting rights of any council member.

Some mayors, such as newly elected Mayor George Fuller, have chosen to represent the city of McKinney in numerous capacities.

Fuller, for example, serves as president of the Stonebridge Ranch Commercial Association, is on the McKinney Chamber of Commerce board and serves as board director for Meals on Wheels. He also previously served as chairman of the McKinney Community Development Corp.