TexaKona Coffee Roasters opened its coffee museum in late October. The coffee roastery announced over the summer that it was expanding to a second location at the historic McKinney flour mill, located at 407 E. Louisiana St., Ste. 101, McKinney. TexaKona continues to operate its roastery at 3103 N. McDonald St., McKinney. TexaKona Coffee Gallery + Gifts provides a coffee museum experience and gift shop with freshly roasted coffee bags, custom gift sets, coffee gear and more. The museum offers beverages in bottles and cans, and later this year TexaKona’s next project, TexaKona FM: Beverages & Bites is expected to open in the same location and will be more of a coffee shop. The coffee shop component will offer 107 drinks in a music-themed environment as a tribute to vinyl rock as well as pastries and snacks. 214-785-5282. www.texakona.com/about-3