Oxland Advisors received approval to develop on the 613-acre southern portion of the Painted Tree property, but it needed a recommendation to rezone the area for single-family residential and to bring the land into the city. McKinney City Council approved the annexation at its July 6 meeting.

Council gave the green light for a request to voluntarily annex the property into the city following initial approval from the McKinney Planning & Zoning Commission at its June 8 meeting.

In September 2020, Oxland unveiled the master plan for the Painted Tree community, which in total will span more than 1,000 acres with 3,400 residences as well as a trail system and a lake. The community will be located north of US 380 near Lake Forest Drive.

The 613 acres will be divided into five tracts. The first two tracts will be allocated for residential, and the third would allocate about 33 acres for multifamily at the corner of Wilmeth Road and Lake Forest. The fourth tract would have about 32 acres for flex use, for commercial development or single-family housing, with the requirement that at least 5 acres would be developed for commercial purposes, staff said. Oxland founder Tom Woliver said there are no set plans for what the commercial element in this area would be. The fifth and final tract would allocate about 230 acres for a government complex district, which would allow Oxland to develop parks and designated green space for the community.

The motion passed unanimously after council asked Woliver to elaborate on the use of goats on the property.

Woliver explained that in Oxland’s mission to clear out land for the community center called The Outpost with as minimal impact as possible, his company used about 100 goats to clear out the overgrowth naturally.

“It was my first groundbreaking with some goats,” Woliver said.

The Painted Tree residential neighborhood will be unveiled next year.