A regional, state-supported COVID-19 antibody infusion center in McKinney has stayed busy, but it is working with limited resources, according to the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

The infusion center in McKinney has administered more than 5,000 doses of therapeutics since it opened in September, said Wes Rapaport, TDEM media and communications officer. The 10-chair infusion center aids COVID-19 patients on the road to recovery. It is located at Collin College in the McKinney Campus Conference Center, 2400 Community Ave.

McKinney’s center averages about 50 infusions daily, and hours and days of operation have remained consistent, according to Rapaport.

“TDEM and local partners regularly communicate about the site’s capacity and supply,” Rapaport said. “Our partners remain in close contact about potential adjustments as the situation dictates based on community needs.”

However, he added the TDEM is receiving limited shipments of antibody therapeutics from the federal government “at least until the new year.” Alongside the limitation, Rapaport said the number of scheduled appointments, any cancellations or walk-ins, and the type of prescription in a doctor referral can cause supply to rapidly fluctuate.

“The supply levels at each TDEM-supported facility vary based on several factors,” he said. “The numbers may change multiple times each day.”

Infusion centers in Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio and The Woodlands have exhausted their supply of sotrovimab, the monoclonal antibody effective against the COVID-19 omicron variant, a Dec. 27 news release from Texas Health and Human Services stated.

"Other monoclonal antibodies have not shown to be effective against the omicron variant, which now accounts for more than 90% of new cases," the release said. "The infusion centers will continue to offer those antibodies as prescribed by health care providers for people diagnosed with a non-omicron case of COVID-19."

Despite the limitations, Rapaport encouraged those seeking therapeutic infusions at a TDEM-supported center to call for appointments.

The McKinney center can be reached at 972-548-6674.