McKinney is now zoned to have four Texas House of Representative districts and two Senate districts, according to information presented at the Aug. 1 City Council meeting.

McKinney City Council members reviewed updates from the 88th Texas legislative session at an Aug. 1 meeting. Updates, presented by McKinney’s Director of Strategic Services Trevor Minyard, also include a new hangar at McKinney National Airport and impacts to land use planning.

Major takeaways

McKinney residents will be represented by one of four state representatives following growth in the recent census, according to the presentation.

House districts in McKinney include:
  • District 61, represented by Rep. Frederick Frazier
  • District 66, represented by Rep. Matt Shaheen
  • District 67, represented by Rep. Jeff Leach
  • and District 89, represented by Rep. Candy Noble
McKinney still has two state Senate representatives. A majority of the city is in District 8, represented by Sen. Angela Paxton, while a portion of west McKinney is zoned for District 30, represented by Sen. Drew Springer.

What else?

Over 8,000 bills and joint resolutions were filed during the session with over 1,200 of those being passed, Minyard said.

Of the bills passed, about 18% affect cities, he said. Some bills passed that affect McKinney include:
  • House Bill 1, the general appropriations bill, included an allotment of $5 million to build a hangar at McKinney National Airport for the Texas Department of Public Safety’s North Texas division helicopter unit. The new hangar is expected to be built in the next 18 months, Minyard said.
  • HB 5012 gives the city access to the state tax revenue for qualified hotel, motel and convention center projects.
  • Senate Bill 2038 allows for residents of a city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, or ETJ, to petition to be removed from the ETJ and instead be regulated by the county. Minyard said city staff is unsure of the effect this will have on McKinney’s ETJ but is looking into potential outcomes.
SB 2598, outlining the creation of the Honey Creek Improvement District 1 in north McKinney, was vetoed. Minyard said this bill could be revisited in a future special legislative session.

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