Cirrus Aircraft will open in a new facility in late 2020 at the McKinney National Airport, located at 1500 Industrial Blvd., McKinney. Cirrus is a personal aviation company that makes and sells the SR Series piston aircraft and the Vision Jet, a single-engine personal jet, among other aircrafts. Cirrus also offers flight kits, training on piloting, operations and air safety, and aircraft maintenance and support services. Cirrus has three other locations in Duluth, Minnesota; Grand Forks, North Dakota; and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Starting in August 2019 Cirrus will temporarily work out of an existing 15,000-square-foot hangar at the McKinney National Airport and offer factory service operations to customers, including routine, annual and unscheduled aircraft maintenance. The company will expand to offer flight training and aircraft management once it moves into the new facility in 2020.