Collin County residents can cast ballots at any vote center during early voting Oct. 13-30 and on Election Day on Nov. 3.

Many of the elections were previously scheduled for late May but were postponed by Gov. Greg Abbott because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Texas secretary of state issued recommended health care protocols for voters, election officers and poll workers in late May to promote safety during the voting process.

The last day to register to vote for November elections is Oct. 5. Those interested in applying for an absentee ballot must have their application received by Oct. 23.

Who is on the ballot

Voters will cast ballots for U.S. president as well as representatives in Congress, the Texas Legislature and various courts. In Collin County, a total of 13 races are taking place at the county level. There are several elections taking place at the local level as well. Each voter’s ballot will vary based on their address to ensure voters are casting ballots only in races for candidates who represent them. Full sample ballots can be found on the Collin County elections website.


*: Incumbent

R: Republican

D: Democrat

L: Libertarian

G: Green Party


U.S. President

  • R: Donald J. Trump*

  • D: Joseph R. Biden

  • L: Jo Jorgensen

  • G: Howie Hawkins

U.S. Senate

  • R: John Cornyn*

  • D: Mary “MJ” Hegar

  • L: Kerry Douglas McKennon

  • G: David B. Collins

U.S. representative, District 3

  • R: Van Taylor*

  • D: Lulu Seikaly

  • L: Christopher J. Claytor


Texas Railroad Commission

  • R: James “Jim” Wright

  • D: Chrysta Castañeda

  • L: Matt Sterett

  • G: Katija “Kat” Gruene

Supreme Court, chief justice

  • R: Nathan Hecht*

  • D: Amy Clark Meachum

  • L: Mark Ash

Supreme Court, Place 6

  • R: Jane Bland*

  • D: Kathy Cheng

Supreme Court, Place 7

  • R: Jeff Boyd*

  • D: Staci Williams

  • L: William Bryan Strange III

Supreme Court, Place 8

  • R: Brett Busby*

  • D: Gisela D. Triana

  • L: Tom Oxford

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3

  • R: Bert Richardson*

  • D: Elizabeth Davis Frizell

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4

  • R: Kevin Patrick Yeary*

  • D: Tina Clinton

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9

  • R: David Newell*

  • D: Brandon Birmingham

Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 3

  • R: David Evans*

  • D: Bonnie Lee Goldstein

Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 6

  • R: John Browning

  • D: Craig Smith

Fifth Court of Appeals, Place 8

  • R: Bill Whitehill*

  • D: Dennise Garcia


State representative, District 33

  • R: Justin Holland*

  • D: Andy Rose

State representative, District 66

  • R: Matt Shaheen*

  • D: Sharon Hirsch

  • L: Shawn Jones

State representative, District 67

  • R: Jeff Leach*

  • D: Lorenzo Sanchez

State representative, District 70

  • R: Scott Sanford*

  • D: Angie Bado

State representative, District 89

  • R: Candy Noble*

  • D: Sugar Ray Ash


Collin County tax assessor-collector

  • R: Kenneth L. Maun*

  • D: John Tuner-McClelland

Collin County commissioner, Precinct 1

  • R: Susan Fletcher*

  • D: Courtney Brooks

Collin County commissioner, Precinct 3

  • R: Darrell Hale*

  • D: Dianne C. Mayo

366th District judge

  • R: Tom Nowak*

  • D: Sam Johnson

380th District judge

  • R: Ben Smith*

  • D: Penny Robe

401st District judge

  • R: George Flint

  • D: Tonya Holt

416th District judge

  • R: Andrea Thompson*

  • D: Theresa Bui Creevy

468th District judge

  • R: Lindsey Wynne*

  • D: Christy Albano

469th District judge

  • R: Piper McCraw*

  • D: Dana Huffman

471st District judge

  • R: Andrea Bouressa*

  • D: Michael D. Payma


Frisco ISD board of trustees, Place 4

  • Dynette A. Davis

  • Amit Kalra

  • Muni Janagarajan

  • Sean Heatley (Heatley withdrew from the race, but his name will still appear on the ballot)

Frisco City Council, Place 5

  • Laura Rummel

  • Ruan Meintjes

  • Rob Cox

  • Josh Meek

  • Ram Majji

  • Dan Stricklin

  • Hava Johnston

Frisco City Council, Place 6

  • Sai Krishna

  • Brian Livingston

  • Sadaf Haq


Proposition A

Shall La’Shadion Shemwell be removed from the office of McKinney City Council Member (District 1) by recall?

Proposition B

Shall the City of McKinney, Texas be authorized to sell certain park property, being 55.234 acres of land located approximately 0.6 miles east of State Highway 5 on Harry McKillop Blvd. and 0.25 miles south on Couch Drive, in the F. T. Duffau Survey, Abstract No. 287, McKinney, Collin County, Texas?

Where to vote

Collin County elections administrators have encouraged voters to take advantage of early voting opportunities to allow for more social distancing at polling places on Election Day.

Voters who qualify can also cast their ballot by mail. All mail ballot applications must be received by Oct. 23. More information on how to apply can be found here.

Collin County voters can vote at any polling center on Election Day as opposed to having to vote at a specific precinct. A list of early voting locations can be found here, and Election Day vote centers can be found here.

When to vote

  • Oct. 13-16: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Oct. 17: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

  • Oct. 18: 1-6 p.m.

  • Oct. 19-24: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

  • Oct. 25: 1-6 p.m.

  • Oct. 26-30: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

  • Nov. 3: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Editor's Note: This article has been amended to reflect the correct district for the State representative, District 66 race.