Two McKinney ISD schools are slated to receive refreshes following board approval Sept. 27.

The district’s facilities department is moving forward with MISD’s refresh schedule for district facilities. Next summer, Scott Johnson Middle School will receive updates as part of its second phase of renovations. These will update the administration area, building exterior, main corridor and performing arts center.

One elementary school will also receive upgrades for its heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, as well as fire alarm and lighting renovations, but supply chain issues will dictate which elementary school it will be. Meeting documents state that it will either be Slaughter Elementary or Finch Elementary. If the necessary air conditioning units and related electrical items needed arrive in time, the department will renovate Slaughter Elementary. If the items do not arrive in time, the department will move ahead with Finch Elementary, since that school received air conditioning upgrades in 2015, according to meeting documents.

District staff informed the board that it could be up to 50 weeks for the needed items to be delivered.

“What we're wanting to do is come to you and ask for support to start that work at Slaughter and Finch so that we'll get those documents,” staff said.

Because of the possible supply chain issues, MISD’s facilities department is also getting ahead and ordering equipment for the scheduled 2024 refresh of Evans Middle School. The district will engage Estes McClure and Associates for the construction documents for Slaughter Elementary, Finch Elementary and Evans Middle School for a total cost of $305,000 from MISD.

“If we get the HVAC units three months early we'll put them in our warehouse and sit on them until we need them on the last day of school,” staff said. “That way we’ll be ready in ‘24 and we won’t have to go through this again.”

Board member Lynn Sperry said she appreciated staff thinking ahead to keep the district’s renovations on schedule.