Collin College will begin the process of updating its Master Plan beginning with the completion of a study to better understand changes in regional demographics and workforce composition.

Trustees approved an expenditure of $300,000 for a study to update the plan for 2020-25 at a regular meeting Jan. 28. The study is expected to span over a three-year period in order to account for anticipated changes with new campuses, according to the discussion portion of the agenda item.

The Master Plan guides the college by looking at the growth in the county through facilities, footprints and locations, according to District President Neil Matkin.

“But it also goes another step further and tries to anticipate, look into that five-year window, of what are the major areas of training or the career fields [or] the transfer fields for our university departments that might be most relevant to the community and Collin County,” Matkin said.

This differs from the Strategic Plan, which is largely based on long-term goals, he said.

The key elements of the Master Plan will guide the study, including information on regional demographics, traffic and commute patterns, enrollment capacity and utilization, labor market analysis, talent demand and development, facilities assessments and future site identification.

The first phase of the study is expected to be completed between February and May, allowing for a presentation to the board of trustees in June. The Master and Strategic plans will be finalized for launch in September, according to the agenda item.