The Texas Education Agency released the 2017-18 accountability ratings for school districts across the state Aug. 15, and gave McKinney ISD an A for its overall rating.

Here is how MISD ranked under each domain:

Student Achievement: B
This rating is based on how much students know and are able to do at the end of the school year. MISD earned 89 of 100 possible points.

School Progress: B
This rating is based on how students perform over time, comparing their progress to similar schools. MISD earned 87 of 100 possible points.

Closing the Gaps: A
This rating is based on the performance of different populations of students. MISD earned 93 of 100 possible points.

Individual schools continue to be rated as Met Standard, Met Alternative Standard, Not Rated or Improvement Required in the 2018 rating, and also receive an overall number grade. Texas districts and schools will both be rated using the A-F system beginning in August 2019.

All MISD schools were rated Met Standard.

Overall grades for campuses are calculated based on the school’s performance in three domains: Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing the Gaps, TEA officials said. TEA takes the higher score provided between Student Achievement—which factors in STAAR tests, SAT scores and other college and career readiness variables—and Student Progress, which examines how students perform compared to the previous year.

The agency then factors in what performance gaps exist between different groups within the Closing the Gaps domain, which considers the ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds of students as well as economically disadvantaged numbers and other factors.

For a more in-depth look at how each school performed, visit Here’s how each MISD campus was graded overall:

Elementary schools:

  • Bennett: 95

  • Burks: 75

  • Caldwell: 71

  • Eddins: 91

  • Finch: 72

  • Glen Oaks: 95

  • Johnson: 77

  • Malvern: 70

  • McClure: 94

  • McGowen: 86

  • McNeil: 73

  • Minshew: 88

  • Press: 79

  • Slaughter: 78

  • Valley Creek: 94

  • Vega: 92

  • Walker: 92

  • Webb: 75

  • Wilmeth: 94

  • Wolford: 94

Middle schools:

  • Cockrill: 94

  • Dowell: 92

  • Evans: 92

  • Faubion: 93

  • Johnson: 84

High schools:

  • McKinney: 87

  • McKinney Boyd: 91

  • McKinney North: 91

MISD Superintendent Rick McDaniel said he viewed MISD as an A organization before the ratings came out. "I didn't need the state accountability ratings to tell me we were an A district; however, if we're going to have it, I am pleased were at the top," he said. "It confirms what I already knew about our district."

However, McDaniel said he is not a big proponent of the A-F ratings because he said it puts too much emphasis on STAAR test results.

"It's really not fair because each district is different [and] each has a different community, a different expectation," he said. "In McKinney, we have already set a very high standard for academics here."