Ask the McKinney editor: Will the city widen Eldorado Parkway?


As the widening of Virginia Parkway nears completion, many residents are left asking whether construction on Eldorado Parkway is next.

Virginia between Ridge Road and US 75 sees between 25,000-27,000 vehicles per day, according to the city. In comparison, Eldorado from Custer Road to Hardin Boulevard, which is a four-lane road, sees between 17,000-28,000 vehicles per day.

As of now, there is no planned project to widen Eldorado. The city’s 2040 comprehensive plan designates Eldorado as a six-lane divided roadway to accommodate expected traffic growth. The widening of Eldorado could be added to the city’s five-year capital improvements program in the future.

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  1. Several years ago, I asked a during a meeting with the city this question. That answer was different than yours. The City Councilman (later Mayor) at that time said El Dorado is designated as a parkway and could not be enlarged without a vote of the citizens. 4 lanes was the max. I wonder what answer was correct?

  2. No, don’t do it! All those crepe myrtle trees and mature canopied trees make the area unique and beautiful! There’s already too much concrete here

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