Although Ogi’s European Bakery and Deli owner Hafsa Mirza didn’t take over the business until 2020, she has always had an interest in baking, often baking treats for school fundraisers.

The backstory

Prior to taking over ownership of Ogi's European Bakery and Deli, Mirza said she worked in education in the San Francisco Bay area, adding that she has always been a baker.

When she relocated to Texas, she became involved with Ogi’s European Bakery and Deli, helping the previous owners Ogi and Dora Stoyanov.

“They are like my adoptive parents,” Mirza said. “The family you choose.”

What’s special about it?

Mirza said she loves solving food-related problems, adding that if a customer has dietary restrictions or allergies, she will make custom bread or other dishes for them.

Along with gluten-free options, Ogi’s European Bakery and Deli offers cakes made with nut flour.

The bakery also gets all of its ingredients shipped from Europe, which Mirza said are healthier than food options available domestically.

What’s on the menu?

The restaurant offers a number of sandwiches, salads and a soup of the day along with desserts such as cakes and pastries, made “European-style.”

Popular menu items include the Rueben sandwich, made on rye bread and featuring house-made dressing and sauerkraut. Not only is the bread baked in house, Mirza said, but the meat is cured in house as well.

Other popular sandwiches include the blackened turkey and the classic beef pastrami.

“Everything in [the recipe is] all-natural,” Mirza said.

The bakery also sells sausages made in-house in a number of flavors.

Quote of note

“What I love about [owning the business] is that I get to meet so many people,” Mirza said. “A lot of them are like family now.”