Wife and husband Jenna and Matt Bresnan always knew they would start a business together.

The couple opened Bresnan Bread and Pastry’s storefront on Feb. 26, 2022, in Historic Downtown McKinney.

Before the storefront, the Bresnans sold French-inspired baked goods at Local Yocal and Saint Michael’s farmers markets. Jenna sent out weekly email newsletters, allowing patrons to preorder products. By the time Jenna and Matt were ready to quit their day jobs in 2020, they created a cult following of artisanal bread enthusiasts, Jenna said.

In 2020, the couple stepped into a shared kitchen at a restaurant in Dallas’ Design District to sell their goods. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, business increased thanks to the quarantine-inspired “sourdough craze,” Jenna said.

After using the shared space, Bresnan Bread and Pastry decided to open a physical presence to expand production. The Bresnans said they believe in quality over quantity for the community they hold so dear, and they use raw, well-sourced ingredients with proper appliances.

“We put our spin on an old-world style of baking,” Jenna said.

The Bresnan Bread and Pastry owners hope to extend the menu, offering meal options, such as breakfast sandwiches and Sicilian-style pizza, Matt said. The couple aim to sell food to pair with their sourdough bread, such as pimento cheese or smoked salmon salad.

No matter how vast the menu becomes, the standards for each morsel of food remain sky-high, Matt said.

“We just love it, and we love that people here appreciate it,” Jenna said. “That’s what keeps us coming back.”

Business information:

Bresnan Bread and Pastry, 301-B E. Louisiana St., McKinney.

214-578-1979. bresnanbreadandpastry.com.

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 7am-2pm; Sunday from 8am-2pm.