Relate. Educate. Caffeinate. These are the three words the owners of TKFM 107 Beverages & Bites said they have governed themselves by since opening their doors to the public on Oct. 31, providing drinks and food items to the east side of McKinney.

Mother-and-son duo Elaine Krazer and Patrick Tate seek to bring intimacy back to their guests coming to grab a cup of coffee, they said. Krazer and Tate seek to give coffee lovers a place to escape, Krazer said. They have created a unique atmosphere centered around the genre of rock ‘n’ roll and a seating area evoking a comfortable living room.“When I go to a coffee shop, I like being a part of that coffee community, but I also want my little corner of the room for me and my friends,” Krazer said.

She said it was important to her to have areas where guests could not only feel comfortable to come in and work but also feel as if they are in their own homes with friends.

Tate is the creative mind behind the extensive menu, with 107 items in total and counting. Tate said he also tries to make the menu fun and interactive, creating a “12 days of Christmas” seasonal menu as well as a secret menu of seven drinks guests need to scout out and find.

“I spent basically the whole pandemic just, like, playing around with recipes and ideas,” Tate said. “We were working on a cafe before COVID[-19] hit, and we didn’t even get started with construction before the country shut down.”

The coffee shop was originally planned to open May 5, 2020, but it was delayed. Through it all, Krazer and Tate never abandoned their dream, with Tate revising his menu and Krazer collecting the furniture that would eventually help the shop come alive, Tate said.

In addition to drinks, the shop serves sandwiches, salads, cookies, muffin tops and other snacks that cater to various allergy concerns.

This is the second concept opened by Krazer centered around coffee. TKFM follows her established roastery, TexaKona Coffee Roasters. She said she plans to open a coffee museum to complement the roastery and shop in December.

TKFM 107 Beverages & Bites

407 E. Louisiana St., Ste. 100, McKinney


Hours: Mon.-Sun. 7 a.m.-6 p.m.