McKinney residents Mark and Jessica Thibodeaux started their Fresh Mex business in July 2019 but said it was not until recently that they felt like they were reaching a normal workload.

Their first gig consisted of Jessica selling freshly made shrimp ceviche and drinks from a tent at the McKinney Farmers Market. Within a year, they increased their menu to include tacos and purchased a food truck. During the first weekend in July 2020, they rolled up to the McKinney Farmers Market as a food truck vendor, albeit two hours late and under much stress. Jessica explained they miscalculated prep time, and then the truck, circa 1986, broke down in route. They were pleased to see customers waiting for them to arrive, but then they realized they forgot key serving utensils, Jessica said.

“I remember closing the window and going into the truck and crying,” Jessica said. “Asking myself, 'Will it always be like this?'”

The couple reported they have enjoyed many successful days since then.

“The Day of the Dead Festival in McKinney was phenomenal. We did the most sales ever in four hours,” Jessica said. “We sold out. We’d go out and get more food and sell out.”

All the recipes that are used have been passed down from Jessica’s family. To honor the family tradition of serving only fresh products, the couple insists on prepping what they need for the day that morning, whether it is for a food truck location or a catering event.

The menu consists of fresh Mexican cuisine, including tacos ($5), stuffed avocados ($6), shrimp ceviche ($7-$12) and handmade fresh agua frescas ($5).

When the couple started running their food truck business, they implemented their Fresh Meal Program. This program is designed to help anyone who needs a meal, no questions asked. The request can be made via text, and their order will be called out from the truck just like any other order to avoid a stigma or embarrassment.

“I didn’t grow up with food insecurities, but Mark kind of did,” Jessica said. “It was important for us to give back and make sure everyone is taken care of.”

In addition to being the grill master, Mark has taken on the role of mechanic.

“From the beginning of this business until now, I know this engine in and out,” Mark said. “I can fix anything on it.”

Mark and Jessica said they are grateful for their customers.

“I don’t think people realize how important it is to support small businesses,” Jessica said. “We’re not a big operation. You’ll see our kids sometimes hanging out with us on the truck. Every catering bill that gets paid goes directly to pay for gymnastics or health insurance.”

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