The owners of Thai Noodle Wave said they pride themselves in offering authentic Thai cuisine.

Rosie, who grew up in Thailand, and her husband, Pete Keopaseut, opened the McKinney restaurant in 2010 and have three other locations with the original opening in 2003 in Richardson.

“My wife’s family has had restaurants her whole life, so I guess it was natural for her to go into the business,” Pete said. “She learned to cook when she was 16 from her dad and grandpa and went to cooking school in Thailand for two years.”

Pete attributes the restaurant’s success to the food.

“Our entrees are full of favor,” he said. “If you’ve never experienced a good Thai restaurant, it’s time to come to our place.”

Noodle Wave has new specials twice a month, and Pete and Rosie find ideas for the recipes during their travels.

“We travel a lot, and we always find new ideas we want to try [at Thai Noodle Wave],” Pete said. “We’ll go to Thailand and bring what they have back with us. In Thailand we went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken and they had this crispy chicken, and we thought, ‘Why not?’ So we make Crispy Chicken Green Curry.”

As a co-owner and chef, Pete said he knows his place at Noodle Wave.

“Rosie’s the [lead] chef; I’m just a chef,” he said.

Rosie personally trains every chef at Noodle Wave.

“They have to pass through me first,” she said. “When I first come up with a new special, I will video it so I can show the other chefs and teach them how to make it.”

However, Rosie said she is not trying to keep her cuisine a secret because she also puts her recipe videos on YouTube.

Pete says the message he would emphasize about Thai Noodle Wave is simple.

“[After] having a restaurant for this many years, [customers] can trust it will be good Thai food,” he said. “We love our customers and creating food for them, so don’t be afraid to discover something new.”