Things are moving forward for a new mixed-use development called West Grove.

The project is a planned 500,000-square-foot retail, restaurant and entertainment destination located at the southeast corner of US 380 and Custer Road in McKinney, according to information from De La Vega Capital Development, which is overseeing the project.

At the Sept. 7 McKinney City Council meeting, council members approved a request to amend the zoning map of the city so that the 51-acre project area would be rezoned to allow for multifamily uses in addition to commercial. About 16.5 acres of the property would be zoned for multifamily use and the rest would be set aside for retail, restaurant, office and open space, said Artemio De La Vega, CEO of De La Vega Capital Development.

He described West Grove as a “live, work, play environment.”

The entertainment component, called The Hub, would be on more than 4 acres and offer parking, restaurants, and space for concerts and live music, family movie nights, sporting events, yoga on the green, DJ dance parties, and more. There would be no admission fees to participate in any of the programmings, De La Vega said.

In late 2020, Hub Partners LLC presented to the McKinney Community Development Corp., requesting a $2.6 million grant for the development and construction of The Hub’s privately maintained but publicly accessible lawn space, where many of the public events would be held. Restaurants surrounding the open space would be operated by Hub Partners LLC and would include the American fare restaurant DUOS, the ice cream concept Super Freeze, and The Hub Bar, an alcohol venue, according to the presentation given to the MCDC board. The Hub would also directly manage the daily programming and events. Applicants said the proposed budget for The Hub portion of the project is about $14.5 million to $16 million.

In January, the MCDC approved the $2.6 million grant request.

The apartments in the project would help sustain The Hub’s entertainment and open space, Bob Roeder said to the council Sept. 7 on behalf of De La Vega Capital Development. De La Vega described the apartments as luxury, three-story apartments with about 400 units.

At the Sept. 7 meeting, some residents spoke in opposition to the apartments; however, the council ultimately agreed with the applicant that they were a necessary component of the overall project, which they were in favor of. The request to rezone the property passed with Charlie Philips and Frederick Frazier voting against.

The goal is to open both the multifamily development and the restaurant, retail and open space at about the same time, but The Hub is progressing a bit faster and is expected to open late next year, De La Vega said.

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