McKinney ISD $70 million stadium and event center usage date pushed to May or June


Construction on the McKinney ISD stadium and community event center is due to be complete in February, MISD board Member Kenneth Ussery said. Due to sewer construction, the stadium and community event center will not be used in full until late May or early June, according to a presentation at tonight’s MISD school board meeting.

This image shows two proposed sewer lines near the McKinney ISD stadium. The city of McKinney denied a permit for Plan A, in red, in September 2016. (via Courtesy McKinney ISD)

MISD gave authority to Superintendent Rick McDaniel to sign a facilities agreement with the city of McKinney at tonight’s meeting.

The agreement, after approval by McKinney City Council, grants the district permission to pay the city $239,235 for the construction of nine turn lanes and $39,400 to repay the city for a nearby sewer line and lift station.

MISD will reduce technology, furniture, fixtures and equipment costs by approximately $936,000 and reallocate the savings to pay the city.

There will be no change in total project cost and guaranteed maximum price, which is approximately $70 million, MISD Chief Financial Officer Jason Bird said.

Once construction on the sewer line begins, the project is estimated to take 240 days to build resulting in an estimated completion date in late May or early June. However, construction cannot begin until the contractor and the City Council agree to terms of the contract. The council is slated to view the contract and agreement with MISD at the Sept. 5 City Council meeting.

Bird said it is impossible for the district to use the stadium without a complete sewer line, however, the community events center will be available by reservation. The community events center has an 800-person capacity, but event frequency at the center will have to be evaluated.

District board Vice President Amy Dankel said she is concerned this contract will delay the project and not allow current seniors to access the stadium.

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