McKinney City Council unanimously approved a project that would develop about 216 senior multifamily units on about 12.9 acres northeast of the Craig Ranch Corporate Center.

The project site is at the southwest corner of Alma Drive and Collin McKinney Parkway.

Bob Roeder presented on behalf of the applicant and said this would be an active senior living community.

“There is a need in our community for this,” he said to council. “We are woefully underserved with senior housing. This is an opportunity to provide that kind of housing, and it is fortunate for this particular site that we have a lot of medical services in the immediate area.”

Roeder said he expected the project to have an economic impact of more than $6 million annually, since residents of this development typically have “quite a bit of disposable income.”

The 12.9 acres would be split into two tracts, with the senior multifamily uses on Tract A containing about 8.2 acres, and the remaining acreage would develop as a local commercial district, city staff said. The types of commercial development allowed in this tract include assisted living nursing homes, day cares, fitness clubs, banks, drug stores, office buildings, retail and personal service establishments, staff said. Additionally, the zoning would prohibit the development from changing from senior apartments.

Council Member Patrick Cloutier said he has seen an “appetite” for senior housing in McKinney.

“This is a great solution, and there’s obviously a huge demand for it,” Cloutier said. “I love this.”