McKinney residents can now keep potbellied pigs as pets after the approval of a modification to a city ordinance during the Dec. 7 council meeting.

The modified ordinance was approved unanimously by City Council following a November work session that discussed regulations the city would implement to allow residents to keep these pigs.

During the work session, Kerry Simpson, the city’s director of code services, proposed the city of McKinney allow one miniature swine under 150 pounds per single-family residence. These pets will not be allowed in multifamily residences, however. Other restrictions could be applied, such as spaying and neutering requirements, vaccinations, sanitary conditions, and microchips or national registration requirements, according to her presentation.

The discussion was initiated after an Oct. 19 City Council meeting when McKinney resident Bridgett White requested the city reconsider its zoning ordinance to allow potbellied pigs as pets. White and her family have a pet potbellied pig named Lucy.

White spoke briefly at the Dec. 7 meeting as well, encouraging residents to do their research before purchasing a pet potbellied pig.

“Being almost Christmas, we don’t want people to run out with this passed to get a cute little pig, not knowing that she’s going to grow to the 145 pounds that our Lucy is,” White said. “Your life will never be the same. ... Our life revolves around Lucy, but we love her.”