Collin County has put a 90-day outdoor burn ban into effect for its unincorporated areas starting Aug. 26, said county Fire Marshall Jason Browning.

The McKinney Fire Department is enforcing this ban in the city of McKinney, McKinney's extraterritorial jurisdiction and its fire district property, MFD Public Information Officer Merit Ossian said.

The ban prohibits any open burning, including recreational fires used for warmth, cooking or any other purposes, according to a Sept. 18 MFD news statement. Wood-burning fire pits and campfires are also prohibited, but residential grills and smokers are allowed.

MFD will also be requiring hot work permits of anyone performing welding, cutting or other hot work within the city of McKinney, according to the statement.

The fire department has responded to 31 brushfires so far this year, said Ossian.

“The conditions are hot and dry," McKinney Fire Marshal Mike Smith said in the statement. "The free hot work permits will help reinforce the need for fire safety awareness during this time of increased risk."

Hot work permits can be obtained at the fire marshal's office, located at 2200 Taylor-Burk Drive.

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