McKinney residents approve 5 city bond propositions


Updated May 4 at 10:18 p.m.

Results from 47 of 47 Collin County vote centers show McKinney residents are approving five city bond propositions.

Results are unofficial until canvassed.

The $350 million bond propositions include a public safety facility, new municipal community complex, parks and recreation facilities, public works facilities and street improvements.

Nearly 65% of voters approved proposition A, which calls for $75 million for a public safety facility. Proposition C, $91 million for parks and recreation facilities, received 63.20% voter approval. Proposition D, $34 million for public works facilities, received approximately 63% of the vote and proposition E, $100 million for street improvements, received nearly 72% of the votes.

The closest race was proposition B—$50 million for a new municipal community complex. This proposition was approved with 3,755 votes or 55.47%.

The city of McKinney called for the bond election in February.

More information about the bond propositions can be found in Community Impact Newspaper‘s previous coverage here.

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  1. Not for any increased tax, voted against 1st proposition.
    New Mucicipal Community Complex makes sense voted for that…
    Mckinney cant have enough trees and parks so, voted for parks and rec!
    Prop D- public works must be needed, voted for that,
    Prop E- some street need improvement, but ALOT of Mckinneys streets are not in need of intense repair- votes against that. (City should easily be able to pay for the repairs needed) 😉

    All in alI was probably one of the more honest and middle of the road voters. 😉 We really need mass transit again! (T.A.P.S.) & We need a Mall! And a Skatepark! 😉

  2. Extend the red light rail line from Plano all the way to Mckinney with meeting a compromise with DART of having half a sales tax of having fewer bus lines and services. All the poor working class citizens who can’t afford car in old town mckinney will all have access to this line in walking distance so this will benefit them. This would allow more transit oriented development potienentially pulling corportations to build in these areas just like what happed in Cityline in Richardson.

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